Robinson Meyer on hurricane Harvey

I found the article by “Robinson Meyer” quite interesting, i was a bit enlightened, it made me think a little bit different about climate change. I thought that “Harvey” was just a regular massive hurricane, I had not thought of the fact that the climate change, that is going on would affect the size and strength of the hurricane. I know that the climate change will affect the weather, but i thought that was several years in the future. But this is a good example that the climate change is affecting our weather, and it is happening now.

After reading the article i found climate change a little bit more interesting, i have not been very interested in climate change earlier. But I found the article interesting and i think i will look for more similar articles, and read more about the climate change that is happening.

I think that Robinson Meyer have alot off good points in his article, but i won’t say that you could come to the conclusion that the hurrican Harvey is a result of global warming. Global warming may have affected the size and strength of the hurricane, but i believe it would require more research, before you could come to a conclusion.


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